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    Hi, this plugin is just great! For one – it works!

    I was wondering, however, if you would consider opening up for multi account tweets? We would like all of our authors feeds to show on our website – and with only one account, it’s only our (and we’re not that interesting).

    Just a thought for future development.

    Also, I think how the date and time is shown is a bit clumsy, but that’s just my oppinion.

    Actually, I think it could be cool if you could choose between your twitter account name and your “real name”. For instance – we’re called “vidunderfabrikken” but that’s too long for Twitter so we had to settle with “vidunderfabrik1” which is okay, but I’d rather have my “real name” displayed 🙂

    I hope you can use this feedback. Otherwise, I find your plugin extremely userfriendly and future proof (1.1 API video was great!!)

    take care.

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  • Plugin Author Bostjan Cigan


    By multi accounts you mean one twitter feed output with mixed authors? Or multiple twitter feed outputs?

    Date and time in what meaning? The change of the date format or the position itself?

    The last one can be done quickly, I’ll add it ASAP 🙂

    Cheers! And please, rate the plugin if you have the time.

    Hi – I meant multiple twitter feed outputs… I haven’t found a usefull twitter-plugin (which worked) and did that 🙂 so, instead of adding only one twitter account to the feed, I would like several.

    I meant the position of the time and date.. It was lile “3july201209:22″… very close 😉

    I appreciate your effort! I’ll rate it right now!

    Plugin Author Bostjan Cigan


    What would the feed be ordered by? Dates?

    The date shows fine on my two blogs, can you show me a link to yours so I can check?

    I guess by date, yes.. what I ment by the “clumsy” date is that it could be styled a little nicer.. I’ve uploaded a picture to my blog with my thoughts 🙂 I hope it makes sense:

    Plugin Author Bostjan Cigan


    I’ll try to do it ASAP, currently my exams keep me busy.


    Cool! 🙂 Let me just add one final thing – I would look awsome if each post was accompanied with the twitter profile image, and not just the first 🙂

    Good luck on your exams!

    Plugin Author Bostjan Cigan


    Sorry, some time has passed, I’m just letting you know that I’ve started working on it, but I’ll probably release your idea (for multiple twitter feeds) as a separate plugin, I want to keep this one simple, if you have any feature requests, shoot 🙂

    Plugin Author Bostjan Cigan


    I probably won’t be adding this feature due to time constraints, maybe in the future, so I’m marking it as resolved.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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