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  • I’ve run into a problem I’m hoping one of y’all can help me with on my Mulitsite network. I am using the AD plugin on individual sites right now.

    I have configured the plugin and it works well on the site for users that are not in the user table for the site at all. I have enabled the feature that allows users to be created automatically if they authenticate. They are given the role of Subscriber by default. That works great.

    The problem comes if the user already exists in the user table and has permissions for another site on the network. The user can authenticate fine and is let into the site, but they are not given the role of subscriber like the user that does not exist. I need them to get that role so the permissions plugin I am using (permit press) can allow them to see the content I am protecting to only that role.

    Any ideas how I can get it to make existing multisite users subscribers on the site if they don’t have any role on that site already?

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  • Go to the site in question as an administrator, go to the users page in the dashboard and add the user manually. If you start typing out their name it should show up and you can just click it. Check the box to not send them a confirmation email.

    Instant permissions change.

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