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    I just Thought I’d ask since I’m still a noob at this.
    I currently have one WP .org site, hosted w/Bluehost, name reg. w/ Gdaddy. I want to have a second small business site, .com, hosted at the same places but using a different theme. Is it still necessary to have the downloaded plugin for the multiste or not?
    I will be using the the same computer, iMac, for everything. I figured that different sites require different log-ins, so they should not get confused. ( or am I confused?)

    Thanks in advance.


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  • You can do a separate installation for the second site. In your case it seems like that’s a better idea as it means that there’s no extra multisite stuff that you need to do, and you are going to kepe everything seperate anyway.

    Oh wow, that would be great. Is there a ‘how to’ here somewhere? I’m still not sure how to proceed.
    I’m thinking that when I try to install WP 3.5.1 for the new theme, I will get an ‘already installed’ message, correct?
    Thanks much catacaustic! Any further help is most appreciated!!


    I’m going to guess that you’re uisng Fantastico, or one of the other automated installers?

    I haven’t used them for a while, but I do remember that there is an option when you’re installing to specify a folder to install the script in. It depends on how your hosting account is configured and how both domains are set up on it, but you should be able to specify the folder that the second domain name is pointing to and install the second time into that folder.

    For my first site, the .org, I just signed up for WP and chose theme, (2011). I don’t recall choosing a folder. It just downloaded the theme and that was that.


    OK, you’ve made a very common mistake then (don’t worry, it’s nothing bad).

    You’ve signed up with wordpress.COM and this is wordpress.ORG. The .org version is for users that download the software and install it on their own hosting accounts. and

    The support that you’d be looking for is at

    But, I can probably help here anyway. If you want a second site with you just need to sign up for a second site the same way that you did the first time.

    Thanks catacaustic.

    The .org was transferred from the previous site admin. I took over to keep our organization’s site info updated. I did not know that there is a separate .com from .org. I simply had all of the admin privileges transferred to my name. I kept all of the hosting in place at the two different sites.
    I spoke to Bluehost support and asked them about using WP and they said they worked with WP press a lot, no issues. If I recall , which I am unclear about now, I signed up for WP, chose a theme and everything worked.


    OK, then I was wrong thinking that.

    If you’ve got a hosting account set up with Bluehost and that’s what’s running WordPress, then you are in the right spot. You don’t need ot sign up for another account at

    Thats my fault for not looking back at the first post when I put that last answer in.

    Bluehost are very experienced with Wordpres, so they can help you with this. But my ansewr is now back to what I said at the start. Use the automated installer and install into the sub-directory that is set up for your second domain.

    Thanks catacaustic,

    So if I understand you correctly, Blue host support should be able to help me figure out how to upload a different them to the second site, or sub-directory?

    So when I log in for each site, the .org and the .com will have diff. passwords, so there should be no confusion on my computer when working on the diff. sites? My understanding is, my login password info is the same when working in WP, no matter what I’m doing, because my passwrod is to access the dashboard to my current site. Bluehost will be able to help me differentiate between the two? Will I get a new password or will I need to figure out how to assign a new one for the new site?

    Sorry for being such a noob, but I volunteered to take over the .org for our reenacting group. I’m liking how WP works and the diff. themes, I’d like to do my company on my own to save a ton of money. I’m teaching myself, learning as I go.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. Time for bed now, early day, long day ahead. I look forward to reading your next reply tomorrow.



    I’m sure that they’ll be able to help. Everything I’ve heard form them on here says that they are good like that.

    If you have the two different sites set up they will be completely separate. So, different logins, different files, different everything (but just one hosting account).

    Is it still necessary to have the downloaded plugin for the multiste or not?

    Multisite isn’t a plugin, but no you don’t need Multisite.

    The only reason it’d be easier to use Multisite is that you’d have one user ID, and one place to upgrade everything.

    Thank you catacaustic & Ipstenu,

    This is very good news. I was not looking forward to attempting to handle the multisite.

    Bluehost has been very helpful and I would highly recommend them.

    Thanks again!!


    My next step is to call Bluehost and go over the options & steps.

    While I work for a competitor of BlueHost, they’re cool people and I consider them my friends. 🙂

    I have been talking with Bluehost customer service and they have been most helpful.

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