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  • Multiple File Upload + Change Upload Folder Support + IE 11 Support

    To plugin creator,

    here is some updated code that provides users functionality to upload
    multiple files using multiple id tags (FILE1,FILE2,etc..) and specify a folder for it to be uploaded to via an id tag.

    Also changes to make this compatible with all browsers including IE 11.

    Don’t want to stand on your shoulders by releasing this myself and appreciated
    using your code to get where I needed to be.

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  • Hey, is there a way to debug this? because my form submits fine but no file shows up in my dropbox account.

    if you are using the version I have updated. check out the image link below.

    Also ensure the access token is correct…

    you can debug the code manually if you have ftp access to your site in /wp-content/plugins/cf7-dropbox/js/wpcf7-dropbox-script.js

    hey, thanks for the prompt reply.
    a different plugin had actually disabled the REST API on my site which is why this wasn’t working. Working now. Thanks!

    No worries, enjoy.

    Hi Jay Swadas,

    Could you please reply to Andrew regarding his updates and improvements for the plugin?

    Many thanks

    Is this still compatible? The forum is dead so I’m not sure If I will install it.



    I I’ve just installed did it all but for some reason after form is sent, I only receive the file name in the email but no file arrive to my Dropbox Folder, I a not a tech savy to be honest, i hope you can help me, thank you!

    God bless



    @smukkeberg hello!, sorry you mentioned a different plugin had actually disabled the REST API , which one was the plug in ? I really need help maybe is something similar, not sure how to resolve it, thank you for your help

    I don’t remember which one it was.
    But I simply deactivated all plugins and then REST API worked again.
    So I enabled one plugin after the other to see which one was blocking REST API.

    Plugin Author Jay Swadas


    Check out Updated Version 1.2
    – Added “Dropbox Folder” field to upload file on specify dropbox folder.
    – Multiple file upload using multiple File Input Ids



    Sorry but the “Dropbox Folder” does not work with a field in the form,
    for example,
    I have a filed called “order” to input a number like 1520 ,

    I have the field Id “order” in the form settings where it show the Dropbox folder option, it upload the file but when upload in my Dropbox all go to folder called
    order, instead of the 1520 (trying to separate orders in different folders)

    worked well with the solution from Andrew Rafferty but now with the 1.2 update it does not work, what am I doing wrong ?

    thank you guys!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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