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  • whooami



    It’s nice.

    a heavily modified bionicjive which doesnt exactly match what you say at the bottem, but nice.

    Actually, there’s really not much of anything left of Bionic Jive except for the folder I started with 2 designs ago so I didn’t think it was an issue.

    I just saw your site, it looks great!

    I have a question for you: The lists at the bottom of the page (the latest in Music, Arts & Design, Film, etc.) have one main image related to the latest article, and then the list of other recent articles. How do you make such lists?

    Unfortunately we have to incorporate the top photo manually on the page template at this time. I’m actually looking for the same answer your asking. Otherwise the list is made with the plugin “get recent posts”.

    whooami — after thinking about your statement about the credit line, I’ve changed it to reflect the origination of the theme.

    Fabulous design. I love it.

    Thanks hers!

    ya, I lvoe the design! good work, man.

    Thanks bloodylamer!

    Really cool site. It’s very nice the way you have the sections broken up into different categories with subheadlines spread around the home-page like a magazine format. Also like the mp3 blog & Poster blog, to keep a running tally on those mediums. The black backgrouds, green and orange and other colors look good. The row of (random?) photos across the footer (from flikr?) looks great too. Clean & information-rich layouts.

    How about the mouseover action on the sub-sections of the homepage! Nice touch because it kind-of gives the reader some visual feedback and makes the eye zoom in on that section. It’s subtle (turning black backgrounds to dark gray for example). Also in the articles, having the links highlight-up with underline orange, only when mousing-over the article. That’s good.

    You can tell it was influenced by print-design. And that is a good thing for distribution of visual space and weights and the movement of your eye across the page.

    Now that is flucking sweet man! Great job on it! =) I love how everything is displayed on there, especially the overall color scheme, nice on the eyes. 😉


    Thanks Dgold & spencerp!!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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