• I’ve been using Atom Chat on my Buddypress dating site for over a year now and I really like it. I have tried few other Buddypress chat plugins and either users complained about bugs or there were compatibility issues such as member avatars not displaying up which is kind of important on a dating site. I decided to try Atom Chat even though it was more pricey. I was able to negotiate a good deal for my site as my user base is smaller than their plans allow for. I have not heard any complaints about the service from my members. I even use it sometimes when members chat me with some questions although it is mainly used for member to member interactions and not support.

    I use the Atom Chat in connection with PMPro membership plugin. Atom Chat allows to configure the chat visibility based on member PMPro level or whether they even have a membership level.

    What stands out with Atom Chat is the option to chat via video, or voice, in addition to the regular live chat, so members don’t have to step out of the comfort zone and give out phone number or social media until they are ready, and can still see each other and talk. This is a great option for a dating community.

    The chat look and feel can be modified via dashboard and the support staff was helpful to figure out some installation kinks. Overall it’s a great plugin.

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