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    So I've read through just about everything I can trying to find someone else who has had my same problem and I'm really, really, painfully new at all this, so please bear with me!

    My problem: I can access my main site example.com. I have set up the WP MS, and went with subdomains instead of subfolders. I was not trying to covert a previously established blog or site, so the wp install is completely fresh. When I try and access EITHER the subdomain site eg: site2.example.com OR the admin panel for it, I simply get directed to example.com.

    I've already checked with the DNS provider and ensured that wildcards are enabled for the domain name. What other things should I be checking, as well?

  2. What happens if you go to totallyfakesubdomain.domain.com?

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    I have realized that part of my problem was that I was hosting the site from a place within my own network, and that was causing an issue with the router. So I just need to make sure that if I'm accessing the site or admin for the site from a computer, I just change to an alternative network. Problem solved!

    Thanks for trying to help, Mika! <3

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