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[Resolved] MU Subdirectory help

  • domain: mnopenhouse.net
    server: Godaddy deluxe linux
    subdirectories: bfl, bfltest, subdirectory2, subdirectory3….

    i am trying to set up an e-commerce style website where i will upload products and put them into categories. then those categories will only be visible to certain subdirectories and customers who are logged in with a predetermined password.

    so in the end all the products of “category: bfl” will be visible on the “bfl” subdomain but not on the “bfltest” domain

    i am trying to run a multisite setup so all the subdirectories will run off the one wordpress install. and i only need to upload the products into the catalog once and can then attach them to categories to show on the different subdomains using a user access manager plugin.

    i have gotten the multisite stuff to work, i can create the multisite in the backend, the subdirectory folders show up on the server, the addresses go somewhere, but no theme shows up and can not log in to the site to add a theme.

    when i log in to the main site all the styling and everything works.
    if i try to log into a subdomain there is no page styling it is just links and text.

    example: mnopenhouse.net/subdomain2 or subdomain3 or subdomain4

    is there a problem with the setup, or do i need to do something else to make this work?

    What are the best steps to take to get this working?

    i appreciate any help with this.
    Thanks so much
    let me know if you need some other info

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  • Point of order.

    Subdomains are http://subdomain.domain.com
    Subfolders are http://domain.com/subfolder

    mnopenhouse.net/subdomain2 is a subfolder install.

    i can create the multisite in the backend, the subdirectory folders show up on the server,

    Which folders? Multisite doesn’t make any new folders, except in the blogs.dir folder.

    sorry. yes subfolders.
    on go daddy, when i create a subdomain it automatically makes a subfolder for it on the server.

    example: creating the subdomain bfl.mnopenhouse.net creates a subfolder called /bfl

    Right, you need to not have it do that 😉 the subdomains should point one folder up. When you create it, doesn’t it ask you what the subdomain folder should be? You can point that to public_html instead usually.

    sorry. maybe i have this totally screwed up, but there is no public_html folder. do i need to create one?

    yes it does ask me what folder to point the domain to.
    should i create the public_html folder, give it write access and then point all the subdomains to that folder.
    thank you for your help.

    No no, that was an example. I don’t use GoDaddy so I don’t actually know what their setup is.

    When you create the subdomain, does it let you change the folder?

    Something like this: http://cdn.blogosys.com/wp-content/uploads/image-import/_3t5ds9r5fTM/THzIBMAytcI/AAAAAAAACkY/pDqmqrMmcgA/s640/Godaddy_subdomain_Freehosting_adding_sub_blogosys.png

    Pick ‘Create or Select a folder’ instead 🙂

    yes it lets me do that. i can make the subdomain example.example.com and then select a folder for it too.

    so there is no public_html folder to choose from.
    what folder do i select for the subdomain to point to?
    should it be the main wordpress folder or one of the interior folders?
    folder setup:
    folder where domain points and wordpress install: /test_bfl
    /wp-content, /wp-content/blogs.dir, plugins, themes, upgrade, uploads

    the blogs.dir folder also has some subfolders that I didn’t create that look like they are for uploading content from the subdomains.

    again. seems like some of the multisite stuff is working, just not connecting to the themes or admin areas. there is just links when you go to the subdomains????
    sorry for the problems. hopefully this makes sense.
    thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

    folder where domain points and wordpress install: /test_bfl

    That’s the one you want, then 🙂

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