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  1. bonka
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have sites enabled and running, a main and second blog. The second blog is up and running as a "/photo" subfolder.

    WordPress then (seemingly randomly) creates a empty subfolder with the name of the second (till now virtual) second MU blog, thus displaying only "Index of /photo" and nothing else.

    Removing the subdirectory makes the blog work again. For some time. I suppose this could have something to do with the selection of subdomain vs subfolder addon-blogs, but I'm not sure..

    What can I do to correct this, and how can I check/edit the selection (subdomain/subfolder)?

    (And btw: My Dashboard only displays my site #1 in "My sites". The other site is only mentioned in Super Admin. That might be right, just wanted to add the fact.)

  2. WordPress DOES NOT create a subfolder there. If you picked subdomains, however, and then, say, created the subdomain photo via cPanel, THAT would create that subfolder :) Are you using DNS wildcards? That will prevent that from happening in the future since it'll just auto-parse all subdomains.

    (You should have all sites listed in Dashboard -> My sites. Are you the admin of all of them?)

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