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    Hi guys,

    Need some help. The feature was working, but after parking domains the feature stopped and a don’t understand why.

    Background: I’m using WordPressMU 3.3.1 and have sub-directories for my sites. I’ve parked domains on my domain name containing wordpress( and used domain mapping in WordPress so that points to site id2 which is All this works as expected.

    Problem: Not long after parking the domains (within 2 days), the link in my wordpress dashboard My sites > Aardvark Internet > Visit site now takes me to an index page showing:

    Index of /aardvark
    Parent Directory

    The link always used to work and take me to the real home page. Can someone please help fix this annoying problem?

    I read through a few posts and tried adding DirectoryIndex … to my .htaccess file but that made no difference.


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  • Is there a folder called /aardvark on your server?

    Perchance did the domain parking install that? You may want to ask your webhost how to point a domain at the root of your site, instead of it’s own folder.

    Ahh, thank you muchly, problem fixed.

    There was a folder called aardvark. Not sure how or why it was created but I renamed the folder and voila, works as intended. It is possible my business partner was playing around with domain redirects and he may have tried creating a domain redirect to and that may have created the folder.

    FYI, the domains are parked on the root using the cPanel ‘park domain’ feature.

    Yeah, that’d do it 🙂 Watch out with domain redirects.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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