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  1. dgthomson
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Finding that WP supports Custom Fields has convinced me that I should migrate from MT. My old installation makes a lot of use of the MTKeyValues plugin-- a broadly similar concept to Custom Fields.
    ...so what would be nice if the import-mt.php script could interpret these key/value pairs and form Custom Fields for the relevant entries.
    In my MT export, I have various tags in the format:
    (Image information)
    comment=Mark McMillan has signed a two year deal at Leeds
    I suppose the interpretation code would be something like:
    if (keyvalue pairs are present) {
    $keyvalue = explode("\n",$extendedentry);
    (skip first line- can't be used for keyvalue pairs)
    foreach ($keyvalue as $line)
    ($key[],$value[]) = explode("=",$line);
    That's the extent of my php knowledge; any takers to complete the fix?

  2. philipd
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I just found WordPress the other day and I realized that I wanted the exact same thing as you. I used the MTKeyValues plugin and was disappointed that the import-mt.php script just ignored the whole KEYWORDS section. But I guess it's understandable since some people want to do other things with their keywords, like make them into slugs.
    Anyway, I modified the stock import-mt.php script to import key=value type keywords, as well as bare keywords (I convert them into keywords=keyword1 keyword2 keyword3, etc...).
    I've got a patch that you can apply — I'm not sure if it will look good if I post it here, but I'll give it a try. Just copy it into your wp-admin directory and type this: patch import-mt.php import-mt.php.patch
    --- import-mt.php 2004/07/02 16:54:58 1.1
    +++ import-mt.php 2004/07/03 03:14:58
    @@ -192,7 +192,9 @@
    preg_match("|(-----\nCOMMENT:.*)|s", $post, $comments);
    $post = preg_replace("|(-----\nCOMMENT:.*)|s", '', $post);
    - // We ignore the keywords
    + // We want the keywords
    + preg_match("|-----\nKEYWORDS:(.*)-----|s", $post, $keywords);
    + $keywords = addslashes(trim($keywords[1]));
    $post = preg_replace("|(-----\nKEYWORDS:.*)|s", '', $post);
    // We want the excerpt
    @@ -271,12 +273,27 @@
    } // end switch
    } // End foreach
    + // Split the keywords up
    + $postmeta = array();
    + $keywords = explode("\n", $keywords);
    + foreach ($keywords as $line) {
    + if ($line == '') continue;
    + preg_match("/^(.*?)=(.*)/", $line, $token);
    + $key = trim($token[1]);
    + $value = trim($token[2]);
    + if ($key == '') {
    + $key = 'keywords';
    + $value = $line;
    + }
    + $postmeta[$key] = $value;
    + }
    // Let's check to see if it's in already
    if ($wpdb->get_var("SELECT ID FROM $tableposts WHERE post_title = '$post_title' AND post_date = '$post_date'")) {
    echo "Post already imported.";
    } else {
    $post_author = checkauthor($post_author);//just so that if a post already exists, new users are not created by checkauthor
    - $wpdb->query("INSERT INTO $tableposts (
    + $wpdb->query("INSERT INTO $tableposts (
    post_author, post_date, post_date_gmt, post_content, post_title, post_excerpt, post_status, comment_status, ping_status, post_name, post_modified, post_modified_gmt)
    ('$post_author', '$post_date', '$post_date_gmt', '$post_content', '$post_title', '$excerpt', '$post_status', '$comment_status', '$ping_status', '$post_name','$post_date', '$post_date_gmt')");
    @@ -308,6 +325,15 @@
    if (!$exists) $wpdb->query("INSERT INTO $tablepost2cat (post_id, category_id) VALUES ($post_id, 1) ");
    echo " Post imported successfully...";
    + foreach ($postmeta as $key => $value) {
    + $exists = $wpdb->get_row("SELECT * FROM $tablepostmeta WHERE post_id = $post_id AND meta_key = '$key' AND meta_value = '$value'");
    + if (!$exists) {
    + $wpdb->query("INSERT INTO $tablepostmeta (post_id, meta_key, meta_value) VALUES ($post_id, '$key', '$value')");
    + echo " Postmeta added.";
    + }
    + }
    // Now for comments
    $comments = explode("-----\nCOMMENT:", $comments[0]);
    foreach ($comments as $comment) {

  3. philipd
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Um… &#92n should be \n

  4. carthik
    Posted 12 years ago #

    philipd, do you have an url for that diff?
    I maintain a list of resources for folks moving from mt to wp, and if you don't mind can you please email me the diff, or the patched import-mt.php ?
    the email address is mail @ carthikk dot net
    Thank you. :)

  5. adamrice
    Posted 9 years ago #

    This patch seems to have been superceded by the current version of WP. Any chance of updating it?

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