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  • Since WordPress 4.9.8 the mt_profile_img() is not working.

    if (function_exists ( ‘mt_profile_img’ ) ) {} does not return true, and using the function directly in functions.php or in a template does not work.

    I have tried disabling all other plugins, and I have also tried an older version of User Profile Picture without any luck.

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  • Plugin Author Ronald Huereca



    Can you do a pastebin of your code and I’ll try to troubleshoot on my end?

    I just tested the function on WP 4.9.8 on the TwentySeventeen theme and it’s all working well on my end.

    Seems like its a database problem. Not sure what could have caused it. The profile picture is visible in user editing, but $profile_post_id = absint( get_user_option( ‘metronet_post_id’, $user_id ) ); (in your plugin) was returning 0 in all cases (checking with print_r).

    Deleting the profile picture in admin and then adding it again made it work on the front end as well.

    Could you let me know where in the WP database I should look for the values that get_user_option fetches? Could be handy to be able to do a little massaging of the DB instead of having to do this for a lot of users.

    From what I can tell that data is stored in usermeta. We seem to have lost all the _metronet_post_id data there. (Only found the one I tested with). Is that where I should expect to find it?

    Plugin Author Ronald Huereca


    It’s stored in the usermeta table in WordPress with a key of metronet_post_id.

    You should be able to find all of them with a query like:

    SELECT * FROMwp_usermetaWHEREmeta_keyLIKE '%metronet_post_id%' assuming the database prefix is wp_.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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