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  • I do like his interface ideas, though. And, to be fair, he’s reviewing “Entry Page Design,” not the whole program.
    But then again, I like “Queer Eye”.

    As WP users we like to hear and read only nice things about WP, which is OK.
    But I think the most important sentence in the article is this one:

    There is a saying along the lines of “to the user, the interface is the software� and we all know how true this is.

    (emphasis mine!)
    so don’t underestimate the effects of the “entry page”… 🙂

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I would like to see such a review from a complete non-blogger, and for more than just the one page.
    Anyone who blogs will be biased toward the tool they have become accustomed too.
    (And that MT screen may look better in the reviewers opinion, but you have to jump through numerous installation hoops to get to see it !)

    I think Scrivs has a point there. For most users the interface IS the software, so it should look as good as possible. But I didn’t chose for WP for the interface, I chose it because of it’s features!
    I would be nice though if the interface was changed somehow. And I really like the mockup Scrivs made. It’s a simple and clean layout.
    Maybe WP could offer the possibility to chose between different layouts. With CSS anything is possible…

    I don’t understand why he thinks his WordPress logo is better than the current one. Why did he change the font and color? The current logo is as much a brand as his example. Changing the case of the letters is also wrong. The product is ‘Word’+’Press’, not ‘word’+’press’.
    I don’t disagree that there are some things that can be cleaned up, but 1.3 is still ALPHA so anything can happen. This fact wasn’t even taken into account.
    I’m pissed that I wasted my time reading that post.

    If you mean the mockup tabs (besides my gut “gimme a break” and “what’s the big deal” reaction) 1.3 has tabs like that in the submenus.
    And point taken regarding the title of the article (I just wanted to make a reference to “Queer Eye” anyway 😉

    Has anyone thought of offering a way to ‘theme’ the admin interface? I know it’s easy to do manually, but having a ‘tab’ or whatever devoted to it within the admin screen (like the new ‘presentation’ tab) would probably increase the use. Perhaps this is already being done (I didn’t check), but I think it would be a cool feature that would be pretty easy to add.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Matt ran a little competition some time ago that sort of covers this.
    My guess is that this will be one of the extras in 1.3

    Jesuit has also put a lot of work into adding to the default admin panel. Perhaps some of that might be rolled into 1.3, or, at the least, be available as a plug-in.
    We can’t have EVERYTHING in the core of WP. 🙂

    I thought somebody was going to say ‘we can’t have everything in the core’, but I think this would be a pretty small (but very cool) feature. Think about it, themes are being included, why not take it the tiny step further and add admin themes? You wouldn’t even need to do anything beyond swtiching css files. T’would be awesome, that’s all I’m saying.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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