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  • I’m part of the gold rush… moving from MoveableType to WordPress as a result of not having any money : )
    Installation and importing was very painless, which has given me more time to come up with a template that retains my site’s old style. Have a look:
    Thank yee WordPress, and all yee open source developers.

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  • Cool new style! Now if you would share that 😉
    Welcome to wordpress.

    You unlocked this door with the key supplied at the egress of MT. Inside it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the WordPress Zone.
    With apologies to Rod Serling.
    Welcome to WordPress, and remember to have fun!

    Hey RobotDan, I’m swithing myself at the moment, but unlike you I’m still in the middle of finding out what to do what I want with what and where.
    But I like your style very much. In fact I’m having something similar in mind. Very clean, lot of room around. I love it!
    There is a way to abandon that ‘go’ button in the hack-area. Another dropdown_cats function.
    And it’s a shame my scrollwheel want work in your layout… 🙁

    I just moved from MT to WP, and it was a painless procedure. After having moved, I’m so impressed with WP, that cant think of moving to any other CMS. Since, i am new to this, i have a couple of queries if someone could please help me.
    a) I read somewhere, that there is a script/hack which i could use for my URI’s, especially my old links from MT would lead the users to nowhere, so if they could be re-directed in someway.
    b) I like posting long posts, so i need the extended entry thinggie like in MT, so the user gets a link saying “Conitue reading”. How can i do this in WP?
    Everything else works like a charm. I’m so happy i switched. 🙂
    < !--more-- > remove the spaces… put this code before the content that is to be hidden from the main page.

    You unlocked this door with the key supplied at the egress of MT. Inside it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind…

    Craig, that was brilliant. I even defeated the boss monster at the end.
    Cheers for the feedback on the site… it’s almost there, but not quite. I’ve worked on keeping it CSS/XHTML valid (which it currently is), but I’ve had to chop around with the template, add a few new <div id =”xxx”> and so on. Feel free to take a look at the source and the css, but please don’t carbon copy it : )
    All the content I’ve put in a fixed height ‘id’ box, so it has its own scroll bar. It’s CSS which does work over all the current browsers, but for some reason my FireFox doesn’t scroll up/down with the scroll wheel over it. I.E. does(!) Still it’s a nice new design idea. More info here:
    Coming from a world of shabby HTML, CSS design is a different fish alright. Ultimately it’s much better – and WordPress makes better use of it than MT does: there’s no rebuilding pages and it’s pretty much only using one template to do the whole site.
    It’s been said many times, but although I loved MT and can only thank them for the free software while it lasted, WP has been great for our site… it’s a more colourful, sophisticated and interesting than the WP front page lets on.

    RobotDan: great layout!

    {Sushubh} Thank You 🙂
    I copied that to redirect.php file and saved it in my Wp root folder, and when i run it.
    I just get this.
    <MTEntries lastn=”999999″>
    Redirect Permanent /mtarchive/<$MTEntryID$>.html http://www.{mydomain}.com/wp/archives/<$MTArchiveDate format=”%Y/%m/%d”$>/
    What am i doing wrong?

    I have never run MT myself… 🙂
    I just know how to use search feature :p

    Stylish, clean, minimalistic… Love it! 5 stars 😀

    That is muchly beautiful. I am really appreciating the enormous cross range of skills the MT guys are bringing with them. We have seen some really nice work,
    and it is forcing us to keep snappy ourselves. Really cool. WTWP.

    That was me

    Welcome to WP, brightblack 😀

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