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[Resolved] (MT) Sub-domain why not Primary domain?

  • I have a (MT) MediaTemple hosting account. It was recently switched (upgraded) to their (GS) GridServer from the (SS) SharedServer as (MT)SS does not run WP.

    I have installed WP 2.7.1 under my primary domains account, but want WP to install, run, open under a separate domain name I own that is under the same primary account on the (MT) GS. Attempting to install WP under that domain will not load the WP ADMIN install set up. The browser cannot find the page. It all seems to be set up correctly with its own database though. MT has a one-click, so I haven’t messed up the settings.

    I tried installing WP as a sub-domain to my primary domains account and WP installs and runs perfectly as the sub.

    I have two websites running in the account on (MT). One, the primary. Two, a stand alone domain = not a sub-domain. I would like my WP site to work as a Three, stand alone domain, not a sub-domain to my primary site, but still be under the one (MT)GS account. That url is already listed (nameserver) with the (MT) GS account.

    Primary: department99.com
    Secondary ( stand alone ): advertisignfreelance.com
    WP: droolinc.com
    WP loads only as sub-domain: department99.com/droolinc

    Could someone tell me if there is a way to get my droolinc.com WP site to run without being a sub-domain to department99.com? (MT) says I need to buy a separate account for WP to have it stand alone as it’s own domain – doesn’t make sense to me as my advertisingfreelance.com site works on it’s own url there.

    Thank you

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  • From (MT). Got a better tech.

    When the domain droolinc.com was added to the AccountCenter it was added as http://www.droolinc.com and never created the proper domain directory for the alternate doamin on the server. When the WordPress installation was added it created the droolinc.com directory on the server but no connection between it and the AccountCenter was established.

    Since you already have WordPress installed in the droolinc.com directory I recommend that you remove http://www.droolinc.com from the AccountCenter Overview page and then add it to the server again with out the www. prefix. Once this has been created the domain should begin resolving in your web browser. At which time you will be able to continue the WordPress installation.

    If you have any further questions regarding your (mt) Media Temple services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

    Best Regards,

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