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  • Hi! I’ve just switched over from MT to WP, and my blog has 4 users. It imported the posts just fine, and created new users based on those MT users. However, none of them seem to be able to login, and I as the admin can’t see or edit their passwords from the WP admin interface. Were the old passwords supposed to be imported along with the users, or how am I supposed to give them new passwords?
    (I am using the very latest nightly build BTW)

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  • The importer sets the password for all created authors to changeme (making it a good idea to do so ;))
    RFE: importers should probably either ask for a password to use for all created authors, or set them all to the admin’s password, so she can change them to something different for each author, and tell them what to use to get in and change to their own.

    Password should be encrypted. Update your user’s password like this:
    update wp_users set user_pass = md5('new_pass') where user_login = 'mt_user'

    No need to run a SQL query, just run upgrade.php.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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