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  • With the recent release of MSN 7 and its links to Spaces updates, I was curious as to whether or not anyone has figured out exactly how they signal to MSN when someone’s blog is updated, and what URL to link them to. I was wondering if it would be possible for us to try and do the same for WordPress Blogs? I’ve started looking for clues, but haven’t found anything yet. Anyone else doing this, have any tips or want to give me a hand?

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  • I have been interested in doing this as well, no luck yet though, anyone have any ideas?

    I have achieved this to some extent – Spaces support posting by email, so I simply wrote a WP plugin that an email off to the Space every time I create a post. It simply contains a link to the post’s permalink. As a result of the Space updating, the indicator icon in MSN Messenger lights up and allows contacts to see the blog has a new entry. They just have to click through from the Space through to WP which is no big deal. Bit crude but it does the job for me!

    I haven’t had chance to have a proper look through the MSN7 API yet to see if the indicator can be triggered manually or not; if it can, then there may well be an alternative option which doesn’t require ‘duplicate’ posting. I suspect it may be a little trickier than it might first appear on the surface though.

    Can you post up the code you’re using to generate the email?

    The emails I’m sending don’t seem to trigger a post, even though when emails are created by hand, the posts appear properly.

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