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  • Hello,

    just installed and tested this plugin in the latest WP ver 3.5.1 and it works like a charm..

    However, there is 1 small issue:

    When a new user register he receives an email with his MSL Secure Card, but this email is located in the SPAM folder instead of users inbox.

    I have checked the spam server logs, and it seems that the real reason why this email is being considered as a spam is the MSL Secure Card name which plugin generates, for example: sdh237d28d7gwgba78213d.png

    Can You please change the code, so the generated MSL Secure Card name is more familiar as for example: YourMSLCard.png

    PS: this is not the issue on all email servers, but some of them consider this email as a spam…

    Thank You

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  • Plugin Author Julio Potier



    so i can not join a file with a non guessable name, strange but ok, i’ll change it or add a filter on this when i’ll update it.

    Thank you for this report !


    well it seems so 🙁 we use the barracuda spam firewall, and it`s a kind “strict” spam filter…

    But You could do this on the following way:

    Do not remove the guessable name option, but rather add a new option
    as an addition which can for example be called:

    “disable guessable name on MLS Secure Card if Your spam filter stops these emails”

    we can reconfigure this option either directly on the code “comment” or /and “uncomment” the option we will use, or create a small “settings” page where these options can be “checked” or/and “unchecked”
    it`s a great option to have a small settings page anyway for those who are not familiar with the code…

    ok ?

    Thank You

    PS: the plugin can be confirmed as WORKING on the latest WP release 3.5.1
    I have tested it, no errors in the php and/or in Apache…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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