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  • So I was getting some popups the other day and noticed that they said the window was created by Microsoft Internet Explorer. Therefore I deleted Microsoft Internet Explorer using the add/delete progrmas in Windows; now 2 days later I get the same popups still saying Internet Explorer created them… I know that IE is part of windows but it seems suprising that it would rise to the level of Window-creating after having been deleted!

    As long as it still comes with default image of new computers without alternatives, then it will still there.

    What are you using for your web browser?

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    I’m not a PC guy, but I believe InternetExplorer runs off the same engine that WindowsExplorer does. So, you can’t really delete it entirely without dumping Windows as well. Solution….buy a Mac.

    Or have zone alarm block IE from accessing the Internet.

    FYI: Removing IE via Add/Delete Programs just removes the shortcut. Microsoft integrated IE into Windows, unless you use a program like LitePC or nLite

    Instead of buying a Mac, I would suggest you try Linux — no need to buy new hardware.

    You have probably got some kind of spyware on your computer. Run an anti-spyware program (or two or three) until your system is clean.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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