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    I didn’t do the original install on this site. It started as a single WP MU install and was upgraded to 3.x. Unfortunately there are different users on each site when there should only be one user table for all sites.

    While I see the network admin in the WP cpanel, I’m looking in the config.php, and I don’t see the

    define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);

    entered anywhere. I’m not sure if this is the reason for the above problem.

    Question: What can be done about this that is the best solution? I’d even redo the install and export/import for stability.

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  • Unfortunately there are different users on each site when there should only be one user table for all sites.

    No, that’s not how it works.

    If you go to and look at the users there, you’ll see everyone.

    But PER blog you only see the people who are added to THAT blog.

    Do you need everyone added to every blog?

    >>>No, that’s not how it works.<<<

    So now I’m confused. I thought I understood how it worked in that each site has its own users. So then the “trick” that I’ve seen before is to have a WP MU/MS install use one user table. In short, I’d like to have each user register in one place and then be a member of all the other sites and have the same user info.

    >>>Do you need everyone added to every blog?<<<

    I guess the answer to your question then is YES – I’d like to have all users added to every blog. And if there is a solution for the above to use one user table for all user metadata, that would be ideal.

    Ipstenu — Once again, your assistance is invaluable and *much* appreciated.

    One last item — and this is what is confusing:
    Multiple Databases, Same Users
    You can use the same userbase with all your blogs on the same domain…

    Since the CUSTOM user meta tables are in another database, you will need a separate login for the customer user meta tables as meta tables are in database A and blog data in database B.

    I get why you’re confused 🙂 It’s weird.

    Everyone is added to the Network as a whole. But not everyone is added to each site on the network. AND everyone on the network, no matter what site they have access to, is listed in the wp_users table.

    So you have two ‘sets’ of users.

    Set 1 – The whole network. This is everyone who has an account on your network.

    Set 2 – The site. This is the limited users who are added to that site.

    Look at for an example. Thousands of users on the network, but if you were to make a site, only YOU would be added as a user on that site.

    And there’s a plugin for this 🙂

    Automatically add new users to each site in your WordPress network

    LOL. Thanks for that explanation and the plugin reference. I now actually understand how it works under the hood. 🙂

    Seriously, once again, much thanks and so much appreciated. I’m off to create now. 🙂

    You’re welcome 🙂



    Ipstenu – I desperately need your help!

    My site has reached in excess of 20,000 users. With the multisite user management plugin the user admin will not even load for “all users” when trying to search them. If you turn off the multisite user manager plugin, it works very quickly. Obviously I need this plugin for the site to work as intended. The truth is that I only need one single user table for all sites and don’t need to keep track of each individual blog.

    Might there be any solution for this problem with the multisite user manager plugin? If it’s on, you can’t use more than 2,500 users before you start seeing a serious slowdown.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    1) In RESOLVED posts we generally don’t come looking for people who need help.

    2) Yeah, probably. 20k users is a lot…

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