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  • Hi there…I know I’m a bit behind the times here, but surely there are others who went through an access to mysql transfer? I currently have an access database on one website which I would like to transfer to a mysql database on a separate site (same server/hosting company). My host does not support remote database access, so I am either limited to PHPmyadmin through them, or a local transfer on my computer and then upload. I am really a novice here, especially with mysql, so I could really use some help, and preferably a step-by-step instruction from a to z. It can’t be that hard and I’ve wasted days trying different things and searching the web. Please help!

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  • Don’t know if this is the proper place for a question about Access to MySQL, but in the spirit of the season will direct you to this search:

    Thank you Michael! I had no idea how to do a goole search, your guidance is invaluable!

    To clarify, I have an existing site (old as it may be) that uses an access database and asp. I am transfering that database into my new site which I have created using * * WordPress * *, so excuses me if I am ‘not in the proper place.’ Surely there must be others who have had to do this conversion.

    And yes, I have tried different instructions from the net, and they didn’t work which is why I posted here!

    Just remember here, NO ONE was born an expert.

    … and sarcasm never really helps.

    Does the current platform offer RSS feeds by chance?

    Not sure what is in your Access database but it might be easier to just cut-and-paste from your old site to your WordPress site.

    Good luck and welcome to WordPress!

    Just in case, here’s the info on the WordPress Database tables:
    Database Description

    Thanks mate..

    The old access database has over 600 records and about 1200 photo files, so it’s a bit of a mission to cut and paste…

    Will get back to that issue in a moment, just dealing with a site crash after editing my .htaccess file after installing a plugin.

    Does the word frustration come into mind???? 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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