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  • Plugin Author chsxf


    I have to admit we have not tested mqTranslate against Qtranslate Slug. Are the plugin not compatible with each other?

    Qtranslate Slug is compatible only with qTranslate.
    Actually it only works properly for the slug.
    When are active the others second languages search function doesn’t work correctly, after doing a search it always connects to the home page.


    Must admit this would be real great!

    Plugin Author chsxf


    Try modifying qtranslate-slug.php file at line 261 this way :


    return ( version_compare($wp_version, "3.3", "<" ) || !is_plugin_active('qtranslate/qtranslate.php') );


    return ( version_compare($wp_version, "3.3", "<" ) || (!is_plugin_active('qtranslate/qtranslate.php') && !is_plugin_active('mqtranslate/mqtranslate.php')) );

    This should enable qTranslate Slug for mqTranslate. However, you will have to update this function for each update of qTranslate Slug. You should ask the plugin developer to add this in its code for a more permanent solution.

    This does not work I assure you, I had it until one day I realized that did not work the url, you can not make a mqtranslate slug? qtranslate and qtranslate as slug is vital.

    I had to go back to qtranslate not working because both.

    A greeting.

    It worked fine for me!!!

    I replaced

    return ( version_compare($wp_version, “3.3”, “<” ) || !is_plugin_active(‘qtranslate/qtranslate.php’) );


    return ( version_compare($wp_version, “3.3”, “<” ) || (!is_plugin_active(‘qtranslate/qtranslate.php’) && !is_plugin_active(‘mqtranslate/mqtranslate.php’)) );

    Thank you very much chsxf

    I’ve also done that and it seems to work but if it gets to look good enrealidad failing.

    At least in the htttp ://

    Everything works perfectly?

    Plugin Author chsxf


    Next release of mqTranslate should restore support for qTranslate Slug. There was indeed a bug preventing slugs from being handled correctly, notably in Pre-Path mode.

    We have some tests to do before releasing it to the public, but we hope it will be available very soon.

    However, qTranslate Slug will need to be modified to support mqTranslate as previously stated.

    PS : We have made a request to original plugin developer to support mqTranslate. However, as the plugin has not been updated for more than one year, I suppose it won’t happen soon. If you want to follow the discussion, here is the link :

    Plugin Author chsxf


    Version restored support for qTranslate Slug but this has brought a regression with that. We fixed the regression but it requires a minor update into qTranslate Slug to make it work with mqTranslate.

    In qtranslate-slug, add this after line 678 :

    if ($GLOBALS['q_config']['url_mode'] == QT_URL_PATH)
    	$req_uri = preg_replace("/^{$GLOBALS['q_config']['language']}(\/|$)/", '', $req_uri);

    thanks @chsxf for the good work!

    Plugin Author chsxf


    I suppose that by saying “Now I see the two fields for the slugs”, you speak about the admin box from defining custom slugs for each language.

    But what do you mean by “only the main language is taken into-account”?

    Here is what I see:

    I meant, only the first slug works.

    When I switch the page in english, I see /en/french-slug

    Plugin Author chsxf


    It seems to me that it is probably related to qTranslate Slug more than mqTranslate. Try posting on their support forms ( Other people may have the same issue.

    In fact it’s even weirder:
    The url with the english slug does exists.

    When the website is in english, the main menu’s links are correct.
    When the website is in french, the main menu’s links are correct.

    But when I use the selector, for instance, from french to english, the new url is instead of

    Plugin Author chsxf


    I agree that this is not a “correct” behavior, but maybe it is how qTranslate Slug works at this time.

    I’m sorry but I cannot provide extensive support for other plugins. Once again, you should post on the qTranslate Slug support forums and see if other users of the plugin can help you.

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