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  • Darfuria


    I’m using WordPress to make a website for a band. The band would like to have paid downloads of their tracks and albums. They would like a page for each album, and the MP3s for the each album on its respective page.

    I’ve looked into using Wimpy MP3 player, but haven’t been able to achieve my goal. I have looked around for other MP3 player plugins, but I’ve not been able to find anything that works in quite the same way. It would seem that I’m going to have to approach writing my own plugin, but I thought I’d make a forum post first, just to see if anyone has stumbled across anything or can provide some support with Wimpy MP3?

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  • Dgold


    I haven’t tried Wimpy mp3 so I can’t compare.

    But from using WordPress and playing mp3’s on some of my sites (I have not tried selling them), here are some ideas.

    My basic concept is: First be able to put a playable & downloadable mp3 on your website. Second, make it so that only paid people can access the full download (let others stream the song anyway?).

    For the paid people — you could either make it so they pay-per-song or per-download, OR you could have them pay to Register for your site, like a subscription. Then give Registered people access to the mp3 downloads, and hide the download links from Non-Registered.

    Use or try any of these 4 methods of playing an mp3 on your site.
    PodPress may have some options about “Premium content”, I’m not sure, look into it.

    Audio Player 2.0

    The second step depends on your intended method.

    If you want to sell each song individually — you should probably look at Shopping Cart methods, plugins, services.

    If you want to sell Registration on your wordpress site, I think there is a plugin that helps with this (couldn’t find it right off, but it’s out there) (??)

    If you want to then show part of your Posts (like the Download links) to Registered, and Hide that part of the post from Unregistered, there is a plugin for that or you can code that by hand in your theme templates.



    Try FlamPlayer.

    See the one I used Here.

    All of those suggestions above have potential, so I thank you for those.

    However, I need to make sure they offer the functionality to have different tracks play for each page.

    If you upload media to a page, each page has its respective gallery of files.

    If I upload track1.mp3, track2.mp3 and track3.mp3 to page 1, and track4.mp3, track5.mp3 and track6.mp3 to page 2, I want the player on page 1 to have track 1, 2 and 3, and the player on page 2 to have track 4, 5 and 6, without a huge amount of input on my part.

    Without having that functionality, I’m not even going to begin approaching the e-commerce side, which can be thought about once the tracks are actually playing as they should be.

    So, which, if any of those players (if you know) would enable me to do that? I’ve looked over the documentation but haven’t found anything yet.

    All the ones I linked play the tracks that are associated with (and attached to) the Post or Page that you’re looking at when you see the “play” button.

    The taragana mp3 player quite simply plays any hyperlink to an mp3. It couldn’t be much less input on your part than that, since all you need to do is place the link to the mp3 in the post, and hit Publish.

    I recommend you set up a Test blog, and try them all, one at a time.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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