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  • Is anyone else having Mozilla act strange at this site? I use Mozilla exclusively and it is working fine on all other sites.
    Here, it is slow and I have to click twice and sometimes more on the links get read messages. Also, the background image is not showing completely – only the portion which is attached to the actual border of the content region.
    Last evening, I even went as far as updatign my copy of Mozilla – was running 1.4, now 1.6. But the symptoms are the same. Even made sure I had the latest XP critical releases and viri updates.
    And, this is on both of the computers I use here at home – a laptop and a desktop.
    Another symptom: I can not see the blinking cursor in the message region here or in the subject line.
    Too odd…. Does anyone have a suggestion? Again, these problems only appear here, so I am really puzzled.

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  • Yup, I have the same problem, it’s very puzzling. check this thread:

    third post people… SEARCH is still working…

    maybe it’s acting *so* weird for some people that the search don’t work 😛

    If duplicate posts help provide enough info to get problems solved, what’s the harm? Beside, the post absolut referred me to above hardly mentions a problem with Mozilla, so it didn’t look relevant at the time.

    well firefox is mozilla
    pared down or something

    Firefox is actually a pre-release, and will eventually become the browser engine for Mozilla itself.

    Yes, the more threads people post about this issue the more likely it is to be fixed. Maybe Matt can roll the stylesheet back to what it was before the problem started?

    I just logged in using Mozzila 1.6 and teh WP site is running fine.
    Glad to see things back to normal. It would be interesting to find out what caused the problems — so that I can avoid doing that to my own site. 😉

    weird. multiple posts can only help if the admins are not informed about the issue. Matt knew about this problem since the very beginning… so more posts just irritates…
    but well i am not the mod, and will avoid such kinda suggestions. go ahead guys, multipost and make this forum more user friendly…

    are you saying it’s not user friendly?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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