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  • Hi,
    I’m using Firefox 1.0, and it’s giving me WordPress problems. I have trouble logging in — nothing happens when I click the login button. Secondly, I see no “alt” text when scrolling over images. Thirdly, none of my buttons appear when entering text — no link, image, etc. buttons.
    Any suggestions?

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  • well, as for the alt text thing, I’m pretty sure firefox just doesn’t display any alt text since alt text is intended to be used when the picture can’t actually load. IE just does it in place of the command title (i think?)

    i kinda liked being able to mouse over the image and get a caption.

    try adding a title=” ” to your a href line?

    If you’re using the Permit Cookies extension for Firefox, make sure you add your site to the enable cookies for it.
    For alt text within Firefox, definitely add title into the href line as well. IE shows alt text, FF doesn’t. FF shows title text, IE doesn’t.
    Elaborate your 3rd question?
    – Bryan

    Oh – oops! IE is a bit more forgiving. 😀

    This extension will make FireFox show alt attributes as tooltips. While complying with standards is something I generally like, given the number of sites that use the alt attribute rather than the title attribute, I find it useful…..

    It’s good to use BOTH alt and title.

    <rant>Calling IE forgiving would be one way of putting it, IE being wrong would be another. If this “forgiving” aspect had not been included in the first place it wouldn’t have resulted in people thinking that alt was the same as title and we wouldn’t now have the problems of people wondering why they don’t have tooltips.</rant>

    IE is the only major (actually it overshadows every other browser!) in the market that shows alt text in tooltip. firefox and opera both follow the standards correctly… and most of the time this causes inconvinience to the end user…
    have a bookmarklet that fixes this…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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