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  • Hey all.
    When uploading newest version of WordPress to Netfirms web host, they are flagging the ‘moxieplayer.swf’ file as a malicious file.

    Very frustrating when trying to do a fresh install of WordPress via ftp.

    Located in JS/tinymce/media/moxieplayer.swf

    Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

    FTP transfer of WordPress 4.2.2 crashes with this file.

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  • You have to ask Netfirms; it’s an issue on their end with their virus scanner and their security policies. moxieplayer.swf is a standard WP file.

    Thanks…that’s the question I just asked them…but they don’t seem to have an answer…

    I would anticipate a flood of queries here regarding same issue, if they’ve flagged a core WordPress file as a ‘virus.’ or .ca is the host in question….

    It’s their issue, period.

    No one else here has asked about it:

    I confirm that also. I received a virus notification from Hostvision webhost in Romania and I just scanned the official WP installers on a Mac (Clam Xav) and Ubuntu (ClamTk) – I received the same virus definition: BC.Exploit.CVE_2013_5329 in wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/media/moxieplayer.swf

    And worse – I discovered this also on older installers.

    So where is the issue? Now my webhost is blocking the ZIP installer.

    I’ve got about 300 sites that I host chirping away as well. In the past MoxiePlayer had been associated with content spoofing on a few occasions. Perhaps the issue has risen again. Maldet is flagging the file as a vulnerability {CAV}BC.Exploit.CVE_2013_5329.

    My host flags for virus on my WordPress-sites:
    wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/media/moxieplayer.swf: BC.Exploit.CVE_2013_5329 FOUND

    And my host also put it in quarantine on 2 new _clean_ installations

    /wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/media/moxieplayer.swf: BC.Exploit.CVE_2013_5329 FOUND

    Same problem with my host. Latest WP version they support (4.2.2)
    Is there a way to replace this file with a version which doesn’t include whatever it is sets their IPS of?

    The issue is pretty fresh as I can see by the dates on this topic, also got some notifications from hosts that just blocked my sites because of that, lets hope for some quick update from Worpdress, I have removed the file for now.

    songdogtech wrote “It’s their issue, period.”

    I don’t see it that way. WordPress delivers TinyMCE as part of the standard installation package. That makes it a WordPress problem.

    I’m with btwendel… you cannot have it both ways. Either you allow the host to secure the webservers you’re renting, or you don’t. I assume from looking at this page this has happend before, and the moxieplayer devs / wordpress patched it. If this is a new exploit they discovered where security firms are already seeing exploits “in the wild”, then this is how they need to react until app devs fix THEIR problem.

    Also getting this. My host quarantines the .swf-file.

    Host virus scanner says:
    “wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/media/moxieplayer.swf: BC.Exploit.CVE_2013_5329 FOUND”

    Found 100’s of infection today. BC.Exploit.CVE_2013_5329 on almost all wordpress installations. Pyxsoft has marked these as Virus/Trojan.

    What would be the affect on the accounts/server if I do not delete these files ?

    Any help/info will be appreciated. Thanks!

    Having same issue here with multiple sites. I am deleting it but keeping local copy in case something breaks (nothing broken so far).

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