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  • I’m doing WP development on my Mac- running the webserver, mysql, etc- it’s great.

    When I’m done, not only will I move the WP files to the actual webserver, but I would also like to move the mysql database as well since all the categories, etc will be setup.

    How do I move a local mysql database to a webserver? I suppose I’ll need to create the database remotely, first, and then import (?) the existing db into the new one?

    thanks for your help-

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  • Not sure about the Mac environment, but essentially what you would need to do is export (dump) your database and then you can create the database on the webserver and import the sql file. This is pretty easy to do with phpMyAdmin…again, not sure if you have this in the Mac environment.


    I can open a terminal session and login to mysql and run commands from the command line. I think I can also use phpMyAdmin on my Mac too…it’s unix at the core 🙂

    Moving_WordPress is worth a look.

    Thank you, I’ll check that out.

    My next question is this:
    Can I create a db on a remote webserver, but run WP locally on my machine, adding the db info into my config file?

    Usually – no. Hosts don’t let you to connect remotely to DB servers.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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