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  • TL;DR: Existing 3.3.2 WP Multisite on Server A, Domain X, needs to move to Server B, Domain Y (in a SUBFOLDER in new domain). Existing wp-config indicates it is NOT a subdomain install. Is there any combination of upgrading the install to 3.5 and/or moving it between servers that will enable it to operate in the new subfolder?


    From what I understand, WP3.5 is the first version of WP Multi-Site to support a “subfolder” install. I am curious if I can even do this move, therefore.

    WP3.3.2 is installed at currently. We need to move it over to while leaving posts, users, and content intact.

    Before I knew about the pre-3.5 subfolder limitation, I just moved the installation and the database over, updated the address everywhere (using a script that respect serialized PHP where necessary in the DB), and tried to get .htaccess and wp-config.php pointing in the right spot. However, this has thus far failed, I assume due to the 3.3 inability to install MS to a subfolder.

    I understand it’s not possible to go from subdomain install to subfolder (and the old address of would make me think it IS a subdomain type install), BUT the wpconfig in place on the old server indicates that it is NOT a subdomain install at present.

    Would it be possible to update WP to 3.5–either automatically on the old server (then move files and DB over again, re-replace the URLs, etc.). . . OR to update the newly moved install “in-place” (copying relevant files from an extracted compressed file, since I can’t access wp-admin to perform the auto-update)?

    Or, because subfolder installs were not possible when this was initially setup as multisite, is it simply impossible to move this existing multisite install to a subfolder no matter what I do?

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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