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  • I am in the decision making process of moving my multisite setup from GoDaddy shared hosting to GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated Server.

    When I upgraded from their lower level hosting onto a 4gh server of theirs it took forever because they couldn’t get it setup to where it would work. I finally managed to get it to work on my own. But to get it to work I had to install an old copy of WPMU, put my database in and THEN upgrade it into the WordPress 3.0 version. It took me two weeks to get to that point. Recently when I asked here about doing a fresh install of 3.X.X and then importing all my sites into it many said it would just cause headaches. However, moving to the VDS won’t I have to do the same exact process of installing outdated WPMU and then upgrading to 3.2 or 3.3?

    Also, my current install has some issues like, many times while loading an image into a post, we get the image, click feature image, click insert into post, and the screen goes white. We have to close the image popup screen manually, then click to insert image again, choose it from the gallery (since we just uploaded it) and then insert into post. Then it is finally in the post. And a few other things. Won’t these same issues just carry over?

    What is the best process I could use to get my sites transferred over to the new VDS server?
    Would it now be a good idea to do a fresh install and then import sites?

    Are there pitfalls I need to know about before making the move?

    The main site is at in case it helps to see the site itself.


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