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  • placutus


    The following questions are the main issues I’m facing as I am to move WP blogs to a new host.

    1) After uploading a ‘backup.sql’ file of the original database to the new server, I usually see in the old posts (on new server) weird characters usually replacing accented letters. I read some threads on this mysql problem/bug. Can anybody suggest me the better way (or the thread suggesting it), if it exist, to avoid that it happens?

    2)After the move to new server, I would like to change the WP password (to log into Dashbord). Is there a way to do that without doing a fresh installation?

    3)As I’d like testing this new server before changing domain DNS, what should I replace (and where), when the test will be completed, to point the Blog Url to the real Blog Domain?


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  • Jeremy Clark


    The codex is a good place to start. Have a look here for some information.

    1) This has a lot to do with different encoding. You can make sure your new and old mysql encoding match before restoring your old content to get rid of the weird characters.

    2) Yes you can change your password. It’s as simple as going to the new dashboard (logging in with old admin password) then going to my account link in the top right and changing to password from there.

    3) Under the Options under General is where you fill in your blog address and wordpress address. Again these instructions have some information about that.

    I have read the Codex Jeremy referred to, and this eems easy enough (fingers crossed), but the reason for the move is to place WP in the root folder whereas before it was in the wordpress folder i.e. new would be and the old was and then saved as an index,html file. I want to eliminate /wordpress/ from all web page titles. What steps are necessary?

    WP doesn’t work with html files. All the files are .php!

    You can rename that “wordpress” folder to anything you want.

    The first section of the article (which you, allegedly have read!) discusses exactly that: “moving WP within your site”…

    I’m moving it to a new host, not within my site, and my question was meant to relate to the links breaking after wordpress is removed from their titles by moving to the root folder.




    moving is moving, regardless of a new host or not. The directions linked cover both scenarios.

    Your links question is confusing, so rather than guess at an answer, Im going to pass.

    My apologies for not being more clear, but I am obviously not as good at most with wordpress, thus the help questions. I tried moving the entire wordpress file into the new site to test and had problems with old pages coming up. I’ll keep reading. Sorry to bother you guys.

    Okay I’m on the last leg. I followed the instructions listed under Moving WordPress to a New Server (different host though). Is there anything additional I need to do if I’m moving wordpress to the root file on the new host? It is in the wordpress file where it is(not the root in this case). The domain name is the same. Thanks


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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