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  • if you do not need to install new wordpress, you can move all folder and files to new host.

    for example your old wordpress installed on wordpress folder(, then you just need to move wordpress folder into new host.

    if not, you can install new wordpress on new host then move wp-content folder* only due this folder contains your theme, plugins, uploads, & etc related to your wordpress.

    *) of course with any files and folders inside.

    “If you do not need to install….”
    I am assuming I have to install, and would do so by using Fantastico offered in cPanel which creates installation incl DB.

    Current site is on, and wanted to move to new hosting provider and test before updating DNS. I know I will need to modify URLs otherwise I will be redirected, but this is fine.

    Based upon an existing installation, do I still only need to move wp-content? Then also export/import DB? THen edit wp-config.php?

    Plus, which wp-content are you referring to? www or public_html?

    (Do you know why there are these two folders which appear to have same content?)

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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