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  • Hello,

    I’ve recently adquired a new domain for a site built with WordPress 3.5.1 using Origin 0.4 theme. Steps I followed to move my site from the old domain to the new one:

    1. Download all files of current site and make a .sql copy of the whole DB.
    2. Open .sql file and rename all references to the old domain for the new one (saving a backup of the original file, of course).
    3. Create a new DB importing the .sql modified.
    4. Upload all web files to the new domain server, modifiying wp-config to point to the new DB.

    Results: everything is working fine except Theme Settings. I’ve lost info such as favicon (although this is working o.O), logo, font family, link colour, footer,…

    The weirdest thing is that if I open the .sql file, I can see that this information IS in the DB and images used for favicon and logo are in the proper path.

    So after a couple of days of desperation, I can only think that there’s anywhere a place to tell Origin theme “Hey, I customized your default settings, get the info from de DB” or something.

    Anyone knows about that or has a better idea of what could be actually happening?

    Thank you in advance. Regards!

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  • Theme Author Griden


    As noted in the changelog file, the theme settings are moved to the Customizer (and some are removed). Your old settings entries are still there and are used as a fallback.

    In practice, if you haven’t explicitly set new values in the Customizer, the theme would use the old settings (saved in the database).

    Otherwise the theme update would cause sudden and unexpected/unwanted changes for many people. And that probably wouldn’t be very nice.

    The fact is that I didn’t set explicity new values in the Customizer nor the theme is using settings saved in database. I’ve also tried to upgrade the theme version to check if it gets my settings from the db, but it didn’t work.

    In practice, it is not a big problem because this settings are very few and I can restore them by hand. But I like undertanding how things work and I can’t understand that if I had copied all files and I have the same data in both dbs (just changing domain name), how is it possible that old site and new site are working different. That’s pretty astonishing for me.

    Fresh data: I’ve had the same problem with another theme Neuro 2.0.14.

    So my conclusion is that the problem may be independent of the theme and an issue of wordpress itself. So, I think I pointed in the wrong direction thinking about the theme, but it was only it’s settings that I have lost (seemed logical for me, sorry).

    This doesn’t help me to understand what’s happening, but I think it’s important information.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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