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[Resolved] Moving WordPress within same server

  • I have several wordpress installs on the same hosting account (different domains). They were all installed straight into “url.com/public_html/wordpresswebsite/” which started to get a bit messy so I moved them all to a folder inside public_html. e.g. “url.com/public_html/sites/wordpresswebsite/”

    I then reset the document root for each domain using cpanel to reflect the move.

    Everything works fine apart from:

    New uploads get uploaded to the old uploads directory (even though I deleted all the files it creates the directory structure):

    and don’t get placed in the new directory:

    How do I fix this and point the uploads to the correct place?

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  • Lol that was easy.. Just changed directory in:

    Admin Panel > Settings > Media > Store uploads in this folder

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