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  • Can someone please help me here. I created a wordpress website ( for example: thru Ipage and all the files are on ipage’s server. I want to go to a different web hosting company because I have not been happy with them. I believe hostgator will move the wordpress site for me over to their server along with all of its content when I set up the account. Now once this is on the hostgator site, how do I set up a new url (for example: that basically uses all the content from sample a. I am also want to keep the same account. Has anyone done this before, is there an easy way to do this. Can hostgator do this all for me?

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    thanks to you both. one more question, I downloaded all the files from ipage using filezilla to my local computer. Now how can I access the site locally. I am trying to find the exact tutorial to set this up locally since the site is already created but am stuck.

    I am asking one more time for your help.

    Your site’s content isn’t stored in files. It’s stored in your remote WordPress database.

    so when I transfered (copied) everything from my ipage root folder to a folder on my desktop using filezila that is nothing? I believe it is all the wordpress files, but how do I access it locally.

    do I need to install this: Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI)

    The files you copied from your ipage root are the framework of WP. Your actual data, the text, pages, comments etc. that appear on your web site are in the database.

    In order to see your site you will need to backup your ipage database and then restore it into your local site. Even if you get a local site running you will never see your old data unless you do a backup and restore. I would make a backup as a priority, that way you know you have your data. The files that you downloaded can be replaced from the wordpress site, but your data can’t.

    If you are installing WP locally then try reading this and load the required software.

    is there a free way to do the back up. Can it be done thru filezila.

    Backing up should be free and can be done through your dashbaord. Select Tools > Export

    You should also be able to backup through your web hosting control panel, and this is probably the best way. You should login to your site hosting control panel, select the Mysql option – I can’t say where this will be as all control panels are different.

    Once in the mysql section you select your database then run an export on the entire database – not just the tables. Your hosting company will have guidance notes on this is if they have a service or support section.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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