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  • I’m about to create a new blog as a copy of an existing one, on a new host, with a new domain and a new database.

    I’ve read the Codex, and I’m very confused. Many methods seem to be offered, some incredibly simple, and some very complicated.

    There’s a section which says “If you don’t care if your old blog works” which suggests that just changing the two URLs in the General Settings page will be enough to make everything work. What, exactly, is the effect of changing these 2 URLs? Does it do everything mentioned in the various scripting steps in the other methods (changing strings in the database, updating the php files, and anything else)? If it does, why are the lengthy scripting options offered as well, including special plug-ins to do the string replacements?

    The next section, entitled “If you still want your old blog to work” (which I do), suggests doing the same steps as above, but then restoring a backup of the entire WordPress folder, plus the database. Now I can see why one would need to replace the database, but does the entire WordPress installation need to be restored?

    Lastly, a question about preparation on the new server. Is it necessary to a) install WordPress or b) create a database before uploading the backups from the old domain?

    Many thanks


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  • If you want the site to look exactly the same, then yes, you need to backup the entire wordpress folder and everything in it, since it contains your themes, plugins, and most importantly, database information.

    If you have a new server, you don’t need to install WordPress. If you can create the new database from the old one, you don’t need to make another, just make sure the database has the same name or your wp-config.php file will throw errors.

    Thanks, that answers most of my questions. There just remains the one about changing the URLs via the settings page, versus changing them via scripts. Are they really equivalent?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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