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  • I recently had to move WordPress from one folder to another on my server and it took me a lot of time figuring out exactly how to do it. I thought I would share how to change the WordPress directory for the next person who might need to do the same thing. With these three simple steps you’ll be moving WordPress around like a jetset with places to go:

    1) The first thing that you should do is backup all the WordPress files onto your local drive and then move them to the new folder on your server.

    2) The next thing that needs to be done is change all the references in the .htaccess file. It is a hidden file and should be located in the root folder for WordPress. There are a lot of instances refering to the folder structure in the .htaccess file so a simple find and replace function in a text editor should do the trick.

    3) The last thing that needs to be done is change a few option values in the database for WordPress. The only tables that I found instances of the old folder structures that needed to be changed were in wp_options and wp_posts.

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  • This is definitely the hard way… You can just do it in this way:

    1. Go to admin panel > Options > General
    2. Change the two URI adresses
    3. Do not open your blog in a browser – yet
    4. Open your FTP client (or other site admin tool) and move the WP files
    5. Now you can open and admire your blog at the new location
    (for the .htaccess you can simply re-create the rules)




    RogerUsh: I realize this is coming late for you, but it might help others.

    Moving WordPress describes the procedure of moving WordPress from one folder or directory to another on the same server.

    Moving to a new server describes how to move WordPress to a new server.

    You’re right, when I was looking for an easy way to do it I couldn’t find it, and now after I’ve done it it’s right there. The irony is killing me.


    Moshu, I’m a newbie. How do you recreate the rules?

    Options > Permalink
    Click Update Permalink Structure

    That will recreate all .htaccess rules.

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