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    Good morning everyone.
    I have to say thanx for all the help and advise I got from members of the forum. It help me a lot as I was learning WP
    Now I have another one and I have never do before so I am hopping some one advise me, on easy way to do this project.
    I have a client and the loosing hosting ( company closing up)I have to move them to another server. I have copy of the entire site including wordpress and SQL here is a problem How will I move to a new server I do not have information on db name or any thing to install new wordpres on the server because to install I need to create new DB.

    Any way I hope some one in light me on this ..



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  • Tom



    Just create a new DB and user on the new web host, then change the DB name, username and password in the wp-config.php file, found in your wordpress root directory.

    Thank You Very much but what if I do not know original DB name
    user name and password to original DB
    hosting company just sent me a DB dump



    Your old details will already be in the wp-config.php file.

    But it’s not important- just create a new user & DB on your new webhost, then import your dump to the new DB, then add the new user/ DB details to the wp-config.php file.

    Thank You jeffreeeeey
    OH I got it
    Thanx Very Much
    I am learning every day



    You’re welcome

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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