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  • I am changing web hosts/servers. I downloaded via ftp all my folders and files from my old host/server and then uploaded them all to my new host/server via ftp.

    Before I move my domain name / point domain to the new host, I wanted to make sure the site was working via my temp url on the new server (http://boweeb.ipower.web) but I get an error message saying that there was a problem connecting to the database.

    I exported my wordpress database ver1004206012234 from the old host/server, but it won’t finish importing to the new host/server, it keeps saying the database already exists. My new host told me to create the database, how else can I import?

    Please excuse my ignorance, I am not a programmer or expert. I was unhappy with GoDaddy and wanted to move my site to IPowerWeb.

    Can someone help me get my site moved successfully, so then I can move my domain?

    many thanks,
    Steve Moore.

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  • Probably your export from the old server included a statement to create the database. Delete the DB in the new server (if there is nothing in it) and just run the import.

    Your new server will most likely have its own hostname etc to the DB and you’ll need to update these logins in your wp-config.php file.

    Sorry, as I said, I’m not a programmer or very knowledgable. How do I edit the wp-config.php file? Should I edit it once I download it to my hard-drive, before moving to the new server?
    My new host had me create a database for WP ‘ver1004…..’ If I delete that database from my new host’s MySql, then how do I import the old database?

    Sorry for the questions, but I’m completely lost and I’m desperate to move my WP site from a crappy old web host to a new host.

    thank you,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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