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  • I had a wordpress theme designed for me and I was sent the completed files. 2 folders which consist of the WordPress folder plus a Database folder which has a theme.sql file in it. I have always started my WordPress sites from scratch and have had no problems setting them up. However, I can’t get this new site to work on my server, all I get is a blank white page and there are no themes available in the admin panel. I uploaded the entire folder WordPress to my server and was able to intiate the installation, all went fine or so I thought. My database was created and I have the admin panel which shows all the plugins that they added for the site but I can’ t get the theme to show up at all. When I go to the content folder and look at themes, the files are all there but in the admin panel there is nothing and I get a blank page when I load the site. Any suggestions?

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  • I would read old posts at first. I answered a similar question a few days ago.

    Did you import the theme.sql file after you installed WordPress?
    Also, make sure you don’t accidentally have a double folder structure for your theme.

    I’ve never seen a theme with it’s own sql file. Some, like K2 modify the database when you activate them. Interesting anyway.

    I installed the file theme.sql before I installed WordPress when I uploaded the WordPress folder I uploaded the theme.sql file. The file is residing in it’s own folder titled database under the main root. I have never used a separate theme file that worked differently, should I place the theme.sql file then inside of content where the other themes are like normal or leave it in it’s own folder?

    It’s definitely not being recognized where it currently is. Is this a less then desirable way to create a theme? I’m fairly new to WordPress, although I understand the basics I’m not too savvy when it comes to theme creation.

    The theme.sql file (according to its extension) seems to be a database (MySQL) export – which is quite strange for a theme…
    It won’t do anything when uploaded to the files, regardless of folder.
    If it reallly belongs to the theme it should be imported to the MySQL database.
    And yes, it is totally not the usual way (should I say “not desirable”) way to create a WP theme. I’d question the designer why do you have that file…

    Thanks Moshu. I thought that it belonged to the sql database which didn’t make sense to me. I’ll talk to the designer.

    Moshu is right: a .sql file is a database. I’m not sure how you “installed” it, but my guess is that it wasn’t done correctly.

    I’d remove it from the server (so that someone else doesn’t download it).

    And, if you don’t know how to import a .sql database, I’d ask your designer for help; it’s not exactly for the faint-hearted.

    I am familiar with importing an SQL file and I got so far as to try and import it but I get errors regarding the file. From what I can tell it was saved as an RTF file and has a lot of extra syntax in it. I cleaned it up but it still doesn’t work. At this point is there any reason at all to use a theme that was designed with a sql file as it’s basis or should I ask them to redo it? It seems counter intuitive to how the wordpress themes work and I’m not sure why they did it.

    The designer has it working on his website but not sure exactly how he has it set up. A few things don’t look like they work right to me when I view them there. I can only get a portion of the header to appear when I try and load the theme with the files they sent me.

    I think there’s some confusion here.

    At this point is there any reason at all to use a theme that was designed with a sql file as it’s basis

    The .sql file is a “dump” of the database and is entirely separate from the theme; if the theme worked on your designer’s server, then it should work on your web hosting account. If that’s not correct, you might explain how the theme has “a sql file as it’s basis”.

    As to importing the .sql file *into the database*, we’ll need more descriptive information than “I got errors” or “doesn’t work”.


    Added: I should clarify that the database contains the preferences, usernames, passwords, posts, comments, etc. The theme contains the files that determine how all that data is displayed. Unless your copy of WordPress was heavily modified, the theme would not be *in* the datbase.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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