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  • Hi all,

    I have moved a site made in wordpress from a domain ( to a different one (

    I have created a new db and I have been forced to give to it a different name, because in my cpanel mysqldatabases you can create db using only a prefixed db name structure (such as namehosting_(empty field)).

    So from database nama namehosting1_wp, I have forced to create namehosting1_wp, changing parameters in wp_config.php

    I have also forced to change db user for the same reason.

    I have gone to phpmyadmin to import the sql database previously exported from It gives to me this message: #1044 – Access denied for user ‘nameuser’@’localhost’ to database ‘information_schema’.

    It seems that I have not right privileges. Or should I follow some other procedures?

    Thanks and ciao

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  • Hi Bob,

    This is what I would suggest [you’ve done some of it already*]:

    A. Create an empty new site on the new domain

    1. create a new empty database* in the new domain [e.g. in http or www path may vary.
    2. download the newest version of WP to your PC
    3. Using FTP [e.g. filezilla] Upload the WP-files yo the new domain
    4. open url
    5. WP will start the 5 mins setup process.

    6. Fill in the fields with the required settings for the NOTE!! Give the same prefix as the old database! You should now have a working site.
    7. login the and check if things are working
    8. B. Create a back-up of the old website

    9. using FTP make a back-up files of of the old website on your PC
    10. make a back-up of the old database!!! Dashboard > Tools > Export
    11. Choose ‘all content’ and click ‘download exportfile’
    12. An exportfile will be saved onto your PC.

      C. Filling the newdomain database with the data from the exportfile.

    13. open
    14. dashboard > import > wordpress
    15. [if required] Install NOW to install the import-utilty
    16. click ‘activate the plugin and run importer’
    17. choose the exportfile and run the import
    18. You should now have the original CONTENT, not the looks.

      D. If all works well technically, not the ‘looks’, make a backup of the files of the old site using FTP

      E. Transferring themes, plug-ins etc

    19. Use FTP to copy the olddomain site to PC [see backup]
    20. Next:

    21. In FTP open newdomain
    22. Upload ONLY theme, childtheme, plug-ins and images to the new site
    23. DON’T copy the old wp-config.php and rest of the old files in the root of the site.

      You may have to activate the plugins etc in the new domain

    24. Recreate the old menu / menu-structure in the new sit

    Unless I have forgotten something in this list… You should have a complete transfer…

    Your site is now ready to be used and tweaked further.
    Make sure you make back-ups.
    Don’t make any changes to a theme itself. Instead make the changes to a childtheme. Should the author of your original theme update the theme, your changes will not be overwritten. Your site with your adaptations will remain intact.
    (see: )
    Suggestion: use the ‘one click childtheme plugin’.

    Hi W.P. Ginfo,

    thanks a lot for your reply with very good information. I think that this one below is my big issue:

    NOTE!! Give the same prefix as the old database!

    In the new domain hosting I have found a different prefix (i.e. namedb1_….) from the old domain hosting (i.e namedb2_…..). And this is so in control panel.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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