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  • When I created my website, I was told to create it in a subfolder, which I called Dummy. The reason (?) because I was transferring the Domain Name to a new hosting account and it would take 24/48 hours to transfer and I didn’t want to loose that time. Once everything was in place, the new hosting tech support helped me MOVE my files from the Dummy folder to the Primary root directory.

    When a new WP upgrade comes out, I always upgrade through my Hosting Provider. It’s a “1-2-3” procedure and uncomplicated. Only, this time when I tried to upgrade, WordPress wanted to upgrade the Dummy folder of this specific website, which no longer exists. i cannot change the direction of the upgrade to go to the Primary root directory. I was told by tech support that once WordPress is moved, the only way it can be upgraded is manually. This is not an option I want to consider at this point in time.

    Can someone tell me how I can fix this problem without having to rebuild the website?

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  • Does the upgrade using Dashboard->Updates work? That is basically an automatic update that is very simple.

    I haven’t tried the dashboard because I am using a Weaver Theme and when I look at the instructions for upgrading and backing up the files, I am uncomfortable in trying it this way. Very complicated IMHO. I prefer trying to fix this problem once and for all via the “1-2-3” method I listed in my previous blog.

    Somewhere, I am hoping that I can go into some folder, sequel report, area, place, html – anywhere I can remove the work “Dummy” from the data. Then hopefully, everything will be as is should be.

    Is this updating your wordpress or theme?

    As If you have your domain names in Settings>>>General then there should be no problem updating wordpress.

    Since the ‘1-2-3’ method is provided by your Hosting Service, they are probably the only ones who can answer your question.

    A WP upgrade is different than a Weaver theme upgrade. WP itself can be upgraded through the dashboard very easily. I have done it many times on many sites (some using the Weaver themes) and had no problems.

    However, no one can absolutely guarantee that it will NEVER cause any problems, so proceed at your own risk, and be absolutely sure you have a usable backup before upgrading.

    Thank you govpatel and vtxyzzy, for your input.

    I have talked with my Hosting Service and they said that the only way I can upgrade (since I moved my files) was manually through the WordPress Dashboard. I am trying to upgrade WordPress. I built the site for a company that has no idea how to work with a website and I was hoping to finish my project and go on to the next without having to come back to this one. With your input, I guess I will have to give it a shot and use the dashboard upgrading method.

    Only, I have to clone it so that if anything happens during the process, I can redirect the site to the clone. I’ve been doing this since 2005 and never had a problem like this before. All I can say now is “Lesson Learned!”

    Thanks again, for your responses.

    My recommendation would be to change Hosting Services, or at least not use their WP installation tool. The built-in WP upgrade process is easy.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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