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    Hi all,

    now i’ve done this a couple of times before, and I seem to get different results each time. Seems i’m obviously missing something, so am wondering if you can help.

    I’m after moving a wordpress site to another server, and here’s what I’ve done.

    I copied the wordpress files (without changing the urls)
    I copied the database
    I uploaded the wordpress files to the new server
    I uploaded the database
    I changed the config file to reference the database.

    At this point I would have expected it to work, however as I didn’t change the URL’s I added the following with my new urls

    This brought the site up. However, i’m having a couple of issues. There are about 15% of random images throughout the posts that haven’t transferred over correctly and thus not displaying and I can’t see why.

    This is also a dev site running on a sub domain; I’ve uploaded the previous version of the site before and went through a similar process with problems. Last time I had to use a search and repeat php to remove old url references. This time I haven’t had to? isn’t that strange or am I missing something? But now the home logo and thus home page can’t be found. They attempt to bring up the home page with a www. and the site doesn’t like it. It will only display without the www.

    Any ideas?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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