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  • Hi there,

    I have a new VPS for hosting my websites. I have a new IP address, but I think it doesn’t matter, and I’m also moving my blog to a subdomain ( to
    My new blog is up and running, I have successfully imported all my posts and settings, so I “just” need to redirect my old blog pages to the new one.

    I have read quite lot of article, on redirection in general and some specific about wordpress. And I tried to follow this one :

    The thing is that on my old blog is set up like that (WordPress General settings):
    Home :
    SiteUrl :

    On my server, I have a index.php and a .htaccess under /home/www, and also under /home/www/wordpress.

    I tried to put the redirection in the top .htaccess :
    – RedirectMatch 301 /(.*)$1 : it redirects everything including my other sites, so this is not the solution.
    – RedirectMatch 301 /wordpress/(.*)$1 : it partially works some links like “Home” are not redirected
    – Redirect 301 /2009/02/allo/
    It works but if I put too many redirect (one for each post) in the .htaccess, I get a server error 500

    I tried to put the redirection in …/wordpress/.htaccess :
    – RedirectMatch 301 /(.*)$1 : it failed also (but honestly I don’t remember why, I’ve done too many try 😛 )

    So does somebody have an idea on how to solve this problem ??
    That would be great !!


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