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Moving WordPress

  • hi i have a question about moving my wordpress site.

    We made a subfolder on our server and called it wordpress. i installed wordpress in that folder and build the site.

    I exported the database file and changed all url’s from http://www.tapeconcept.com/wordpress to http://www.tapeconcept.com.

    Then i moved a copy of the wordpress site to the root of the server. I tested the http://www.tapeconcept.com link and saw that the site was already working without updating the database file. But i did see that the links in the menu still linked to the wordpress subfolder. So all pages still linked to http://www.tapeconcept.com/wordpress, while the homepage reacts on http://www.tapeconcept.com.

    So i thought this must be the database that needs to be updated with the new database file as i changed all the url’s to http://www.tapceoncept.com.

    When i emptied the database and imported the new database file and opened http://www.tapeconcept.com, i lost all of my design. It showed the reaction theme (that i bought) and not my own design. Then i changed the database file back to the old one and it worked perfect again only the linking to the sub wordpress folder is still not looking that nice.

    What am i doing wrong? do i need to edit more files to be able to get my design to run on the root of the server?

    Best regards,

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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