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  • Hello,
    Just moved to new server my 3 blogs.(domain name remain the same and file location according to root)
    All got fine but I cannot upload any image and get each time permission denied in debug.
    It works if I set some permissions to 777 but I cannot keep doing this as you can imagine.
    For info wp-config is of course set according to.
    I’ve got there a another CMS (shop) and have the exact same problem.

    Does anybody met the same problem and found The solution ?

    Thank you all in advance for your tips and advices.

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  • Did you make sure the permissions for the wp-content/uploads/ folder were set to 777? or did you only chmod individual folders?

    yes, it is set to 777, but it is absolutely unsafe. It is ok for fast fix but NOT on a long run.
    Plus it is crazy put to 777, make the change, upload, put to 755 and 644 again…no, it does not this way as mentioned on my initial post

    I am aware that 777 shouldn’t be used on all folders, but this is about an upload folder and we are only testing for things that may go wrong. You were talking about a 777 chmod but you didn’t say on what folders or files you used it on, I have no clue what your experience is, so im going for all scenario’s 😉

    People will be able to access your uploads either way.

    late reply…dealing with a ton of problems. sorry.
    My problem concerns the upload.
    After hours of search, it looks that the apache server does not recognize me as owner…so this is why I need to manually set up 777 on upload folder to have my upload medias working…
    Does anybody has the same ?
    Have you solved it ?
    Have you eventually asked something special to your host ?
    and if yes : what exactly have you required for WP to work correctly ?
    Thank you…I am desesperate.:-(


    I’m having the same problem. Did you find any solution?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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