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  1. rubyfruitradio
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have a website that was being hosted for free by a friend who hosts a few random things for clients. Yesterday, my site stopped working completely and they didn't fix it so I took it as an opportunity to move my site to bluehost where I have a bunch of other things hosted.

    I have never had access to a cpanel and don't have access to myphpadmin. Bluehost tech support said that I need a copy of the database or all my old posts will be lost (7 years worth). I am currently using FTP to download all my files.

    My question is...is there a way I can get the database via FTP? What would the name of the database be (maybe I already downloaded it).

  2. BH_WP_Guru
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Databases are not normally accessible by FTP. You normally have to 'export' a database from a program like PhpMyAdmin. You might have to ask your friend that owns the account to get a copy for you.

  3. You either have to 1) get access to the site admin to do a export of your posts/pages/comments via Dashboard>>Tools>>Export and then import that into a new WordPress install, or 2) get access to phpmyadmin at the current host to export the database as a whole. You can't access the database by FTP. See http://codex.wordpress.org/Backing_Up_Your_Database

  4. rubyfruitradio
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ok. so, I cannot access the dashboard of rubyfruitradio at all. Before I moved nameservers, you would go there and it was completely white, no 404, 500 errors or anything, just a big white page.

    My friend (really my ex's old boss) told me at one point he didn't crap about WP and wouldn't help me install it (this was years ago). Should phpmyadmin be available to anyone? I don't know what he's running his servers on (but since he's a mac guy, I'm guessing it's either osc or linux). Is this the absolute only way to get the database? If he doesn't have myphpadmin is there another way for him to get it?

    I'm really nervous he's going to eff me over.

  5. Change the nameservers back to the old host, rename the plugins folder to old_plugins and see if you can log in do to a posts/pages export from Tools>>Export.

    phpmyadmin is also available as a wordpress plugin, so try and get back into the site at the old host.

    phpmyadmin is an easy install on a server; it's also 99.9% already available on commercial webhosts.

    Unfortunately, this is all a lesson in having good backups.

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