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  • Hi !

    Here is my problem. I had a WordPress Network with a lot of issues… I backed up it and create a new one. The old WordPress network was prefixed “wp_” and the new one is prefixed “ox_” . Now what I need to do is to restore the third old subsite (with prefix “wp_3_”) into my new network. I also have the ftp backup.

    What do I need to do to have everything working fine ? Create a new subsite in my new network, see the new subsite id and replace any instance of “wp_3_” by “ox_[id]_” ? What about the upload file folder ? Hopefully, the domain/subdomain is the same.

    Thanks you very much.


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  • Here is what I try :

    In the database dump :

    1. Replace “wp_3_” by “ox_[id]_”,

    2. Replace “wp_” by “ox_” (don’t know if it has to be done ??? It has replace for example in the postmeta table the meta_key “_wp_attached_file” by “_ox_attached_file”),

    3. Replace “/blogs.dir/3/files” by “/blogs.dir/[id]/files”

    4. Upload the /blogs.dir/3/ on the ftp and rename the folder with the right id.

    Everything goes well except that none of the custom post type have their attachments…. So no pictures…..

    Could you help me ???

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