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  • Ok, I just saw another post on virtually the same thing, talking about databases. The problem is, I cannot tell which database is what because I have so many databases from different domains! Any thoughts?

    Hi Kallard,
    You need to migrate the content found in the wp_amd_zlrecipe_recipes table.

    Let us know how it goes

    i’ve done this to no avail. any other ideas?



    Ok. I am still stuck. I commented on the other post.

    I am not changing hosting provider. Same host, different WP install on different domain, but within the same account.

    I have WP installed and all posts are transferred, but no recipes show up. I find the correct databases, and have clicked on “export” but don’t know what to do next and where they go.

    To explain a little further, this is my second attempt at this. Yesterday, I took all the files under one domain where the recipes were all intact and visible, and accidentally MOVED the entire site over to a new domain (I meant to copy, but accidentally moved it instead). I had to go in an edit some code due to the files still wanting to point to the old domain. I followed a tutorial, but there is still something wrong because when I am in the dashboard and make a change (like add a plugin or change a setting), I get a blank screen when I hit save. YET, it will be saved and change will have taken place…I just have to go back and then refresh the page. But it shouldn’t go to a blank screen.

    HOWEVER, all of the recipes are working fine, all the posts, categories, etc.

    Now I want to move it again to a different domain (long story). However, I am afraid I will still end up with the blank screen problem again. So, instead, I am trying a different route. I did a fresh install of WP, added the Ziplist plugin, and exported/imported the posts from the previous site.

    Just don’t have the recipes showing. I find the three databases listed in the other post: *wp_zlrecipes_recipes, *wp_options, and *wp_posts. In both installs. Now what do I do?



    Solved my own problem!! I exported/imported the one table (*wp_zlrecipes_zlrecipes) from the current site to the new site’s database. Deleted the duplicate (empty) table. Then renamed the table to match the rest of the database!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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