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  • Hello,
    I’m facing the prospect of moving my site to another server and I’d appreciate any kind of help, particularly a link to relevant article, as I found many and I’m not sure which procedure will suit my needs. The situation is this:

    I have a site running on an old server. My current wordpress has multisite enabled but this was done after the site was up and there is no other site in the multisite install (it was just for testing purposes). I need to move the one site that is there to a new server (same domain, same provider, just new physical server) and I’d like to do this in a way that I first install a brand-new and clean multisite wordpress on the new server and import the old site into there (and later create another site there on the new server). This is primarily because my wordpress is currently in its own directory which is not really compatible with subdomains that I’d like to use in the future. That’s why I’d like to do it nice and clean from scratch.

    What would be my best option to do this fast and safe? There is this export-import option in wordpress but I guess that does not export images, media files and whatever else. Do I have to pre-install all the templates and plugins to the new site before I import anything? And what about the database? Moreover, can I have my new wordpress in a different directory or root? Can I use different subdomain/subdirectory setting on the new server than it was on the old one etc. etc.?

    Sorry for my lame questions but I feel a bit lost in it.
    Thanks for any help.

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  • OK, reading more, I found out that moving a multisite site to a fresh multisite install is kind of non-standard stuff, so I rolled back my current installation to standard single-site wordpress installation. So now it’s about moving a site to a new and clean multisite wordpress installation.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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