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  • Hi

    I need to move site…
    Site A is outdated running 2.0.4.
    Site B is up to date running 2.6.1

    I tried exporting from 2.0.4 and importing in 2.6.1 but that is a no go. Is there any otherway without updating the 2.0.4 site first.

    Reasons for not updating:
    – Not all plugins can be upgraded.
    – the 2.0.4 site can not be taken down for maintennance untill the new site is fully functional (family and friends depend on it)

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  • whooami



    6 of 12, 1/2 of the other.

    you upgrade to 2.6.1, then move.

    you move 2.0.4, then upgrade.

    you decide. But you CANNOT plug a 2.0.x dump into a 2.6.x database.

    exactly the answer I feared.




    and I dont understand why thats a problem. Moving 2.0.x is as simple as copying the files, and importing the exact same db. You then upgrade the newer site.

    It doesnt have any effect on the old site.

    and honestly, and most sincerely, this:

    Not all plugins can be upgraded.

    doesnt fly as a reason for NOT upgrading. How useful is any site once its exploited — not very.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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